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If your nose is getting itchy just thinking about what might lurk in your ducts?

Good Reasons for Duct Cleaning

Cleaning removes accumulated dust so it won’t shed into the household.
Removing debris and cobwebs eases airflow and increases the efficiency of the system, in extreme cases as much as 40%.
If you have fiberglass ducting, fiberglass gathers more dust than sheet metal.
Hasn’t had a thorough cleaning in some time.
Funky smell in your home.

Indoor air pollution is now listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the greatest environmental threat to Americans. Five to seven times a day, the air in your home circulates through the air ducts of your HVAC heating and Air Conditioning cooling system, carrying with it the dust and debris of everyday living.
Over a period of time, these harmful contaminants will eventually build up inside your air ducts.
Indoor contaminants may include: dust mites, tobacco smoke, airborne allergens, bacteria, animal dander and hair, mold, certain chemicals and carbon monoxide. These contaminants are then circulated throughout your home and or office. These effects can damage the health and comfort of you, your family, or your employees.
Having your air ducts cleaned, can help eliminate these problems and drastically increase the quality of the air you breath all day everyday.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dirty and overloaded Dryer Vents are a major concern and are a leading cause of house fires.

By regularly having your dryer vents cleaned you will, Reduce your risk of a dryer fire, Drastically lower your power bill, Your dryer will last longer with less repairs, Your clothes will dry faster with less lint left on them, Clogged vents cause dryers to overheat, This process pays for itself.

The A/C guy provides Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing as well as Dryer vent Cleaning. We use the Patented RotoBrush System for all of our Duct & Dryer Vent cleanings with the incorporated H.E.P.A. filtration technology to ensure cleaner air then when we arrived.

Our trained Comfort Specialists first remove all grills which are cleaned with an Anti-Microbial Solution. The Duct work is then systematically cleaned with a gentle rotating brush and vacuumed at the same time. The grills are then reinstalled and as a final step we fog the Duct work with Bacteriostat to ensure a clean, sanitized Duct System.

Dryer vents are extremely important to keep clean. Lint makes it past the filter and collects in every dryer exhaust system. Dryers cause over 15,500 fires a year. Cleaning your Ducts and Vents improves not only your safety but the life of your Dryer, drying time efficiency, and especially peace of mind.

The A/C Guy is proud to distribute and Install Lint Alert – LED indicators progressively illuminate to show how efficiently your dryer is exhausting.


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